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Factors To Consider When Purchasing a Laptop

There are numerous factors you need to consider when buying a laptop and they vary depending on your intended purpose. When it comes to what is best for you, there is no definite answer. Instead, what I can offer you are guidelines to help you make an informed decision.

With laptops, there are all kinds of models in the market offering amazing capabilities, and they come at varying prices. What works for one person may not necessarily work for you, depending on the use. As such, I will offer you a checklist showing what to look for before making the buy.

Of course, general factors such as your budget play an essential role in this decision but before we get there, let’s deal with the basics first.

How big is the laptop?

When it comes to laptops, size has an impact on its suitability. Supposing you travel a lot and are in need of a computer that you can lug around conveniently, pay close attention to how much it weighs.

For people to whom weight is a concern, notebooks are the best options. They come with a small yet efficient screen, and they weigh close to nothing. Go for models that fall in the ultrabook category as they come in light and slim designs.

Your ideal weight should be between one and one and a half kilos, and the screen should have dimensions in the regions of between 12.5 to 13.3 inches. For people to whom portability is not an issue, you have lots of options at your disposal.

Our pick: The Dell XPS 13, weighing a meager 1.2 kilograms with a screen size of 13.3 inches.

How good is the keyboard?

For writers, the travel distance matters a lot as it affects how fast their typing sessions are. If you know that you will spend lots of time typing, go for a comfortable keyboard. The best keyboard would be one that has its number pads squished in one corner and one that does not have every key in the history of computers.

Full sized keys make it easier to type, and spacing around the arrow keys comes in handy so that you need not fumble when using the keyboard. The responsiveness of the keys once you let go also comes into play. The faster it is, the better for you.

A backlit keyboard helps you work in dimly lit environments. The best way to go about purchasing a laptop when your focus is on the keyboard is to try it out before handing over the money.

Our pick: Try out the Lenovo L470 which boasts of a 1.9mm travel distance.

Processing speeds

If you are looking to have a laptop with some of the highest processing speeds in the market, think Intel Core. Their CPUs perform excellently for various uses ranging from gaming to typing to watching movies.

The Cores vary, and your choice should depend on how often you use the laptop. The downside of Core 17 systems is that they tend to overheat when used over prolonged periods and as such, they may not be ideal for you if you spend lots of time working on your laptop. In such a case, the i3 would be perfect.

Our pick: With the Dell XPS 15, you can reach processing speeds of 3.8 GHZ.

Storage space

The higher the storage space on your laptop, the more the applications you can run simultaneously. With this in mind, go for a computer with at least 4GB of storage space as it will help you get the most out of your system.

A higher RAM also makes access to data simple which is useful when running applications such as photo editing which require a lot of responsiveness. Before the coming of the solid-state drives, also known as SSDs, people relied heavily on hard drives which proved to be cumbersome and noisy. They also overheated at fast rates.

When compared to a hard drive, an SSD offers much more convenience in that it is faster and runs silently. Manufacturers also install the drives in a way that does not profoundly impact on the weight of the laptop.

The downside to these drives is that their capacity has its limits and you will often end up with a 128GB or 256GB drive. Another downside to these drives is that the 256GB SSD can be pretty unforgiving to your pocket.

With a 128GB SSD drive, you will enjoy high speeds in loading programs and in accessing your data. Unless there is a reason why you must have storage space of up to 256 GB, the 128 GB SSD will serve you well.

If you want something that will blow your mind regarding speed and storage space, go for a model with an NVMe SSD. Be ready to splurge some money on this kind of storage space though as it does not come cheap.

Our pick: We know that the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin will not disappoint you when it comes to storage capabilities.

The life of the battery

A laptop with a battery which lasts for a few hours before it needs recharging can be problematic especially when it comes to the issue of portability, as you will always be in search of sockets to plug it in. Manufacturers often quote hours that are not indicative of how long the battery can last. Many factors come into play in battery life ranging from screen brightness, connectivity to Wi-Fi, the resolution of the screen and the tasks you are running.

As such, if you run a lot of processes at the same time, your battery will run out of charge sooner than indicated by the manufacturer. Make a point not to focus on the hours, but instead look at the rating given in watt-hours or milliamp hours as these show you what to expect.

The larger the rated hours, the longer a battery can last and vice versa. Supposing you opt for an ultra-book with a rating of 44-watt-hours to 50-watt-hours, you will have made a significant purchase.

Our pick: The Lenovo ThinkPad T470 averages about 45 watt hours and would be an ideal choice.

The quality of the build

Leave alone how attractive the exterior is. What matters is what the build. Now and then, we drop our laptops and mutter our prayers, hoping that the damage done is not that much. As such, having a computer built to withstand impacts and environmental elements will save you a lot of money about repairs in the future.

Our Pick: The Asus Zenbook UX310UA comes with a sturdy aluminum body, designed to last ages.

As you go through the checklist, remember to keep in mind how much you are willing to spend as well as your needs because those two are what matter most in the end. Good luck!

MSI GS65 Stealth Review

MSI GS65 Stealth Review – What You NEED To Know Before Purchasing

The MSI GS65 Stealth is a blend of fun and work encompassed in a portable attractive package that is ideal for gamers, movie lovers and people who are looking for an all-round laptop. What’s to love about this machine?

  • For one, it comes with graphics that are out of this world, allowing you to be part of the action when playing games.
  • The screen bezel is so small that you even forget that it is there, therefore leaving a whole fifteen inches of amazing visuals at your disposal.
  • The processing speeds are amazing and so is the refresh rate, you will never have to waste a moment waiting for the next screen to load.
  • The audio quality is superb and you will love how audible the sound tracks are with this laptop.

Our verdict

When it comes to a laptop with the ability to deliver jaw-dropping graphics and reliable performance in a sleek design, the MSI GS65 Stealth is the go-to machine.

Keep reading to get the full comprehensive review.

The MSI GS65 Stealth Review

What first grabbed my attention upon seeing this laptop was how slim it was, and I began to understand why so many had dubbed it ‘their skinny ally.’ It is only 0.7 inches thick and weighs only 4.1 pounds, resulting in a very portable machine.

This gaming system has managed to make a name for itself thanks to its sleek design as well as the integration of the Intel 8th generation, 6-core processor. This processor boasts of twenty percent more processing speeds when compared to its predecessor, thus offering a boost in productivity levels.

With all these improvements, MSI managed to ensure that the gaming power remained reliable by equipping the laptop with a Nvidia GeForce 1070 Max-Q GPU. Through this addition, you are set to enjoy higher frame rates and uninterrupted reality experiences when compared to the previous versions.

For gamers who also love to work on their laptops, consider this laptop to be the bridge between these fields as the machine can handle both tasks efficiently.


The design

The chassis comes in a beautiful black hue decorated with gold accents to the sides to give it a touch of elegance. The red and white logo commonly found on MSI laptops got replaced with a black and gold one which completely blends in with the black matte color of the chassis.

You can lay the laptop flat at 180 degrees when need be by holding down the Control, Alt and Down Arrow keys. The flexible hinge will give way allowing you to better collaborate with someone across from you, making this laptop a perfect choice for both work and play.MSI GS65 Stealth Review

The interior of the laptop is not a let-down as the manufacturer took a lot of time and effort to give it a stately finish. With black aluminum lining both the touchpad and keyboard with gold finishes to the touchpad, the laptop gives off an elegant feel.

The slim design in no way affected the number of ports that the machine comes with and you get to have a variety of choices at your disposal. To the right side, you have a power jack, a Thunderbolt 3, a USB 3.1 Type A port, an HDMI and a Mini DisplayPort.

On the left lies a microphone jack, an S/PDIF jack, two USB 3.1 Type A ports, a secure lock slot and a Gigabit Ethernet.


The almost non-existent bezels make this machine great for gaming purposes as you get to have a lot more screen space. This 15.6-inch screen comes with a 1920*1080 resolution. The downside to this is that you do not get to have 4K or QHD options. However, you will soon forget about this once you come across the 144 Hertz refresh rate. The good thing about such a high refresh rate is that you cut back on latency and issues such as screen tears.

The hues shown on the screen are so vivid that the images come to life right before your eyes which is terrific. The details of the pictures are so high that you can view features such as creases and grime on the images displayed.

When playing games using this machine, it is quite easy to lose yourself to the game, having forgotten that they are depictions of life, given how bright the visuals are. If you wish to know just how good the visuals are, picture this. The MSI GS65 Stealth Review can reproduce approximately one hundred and fifty percent of the SRGB color gamut which beats most visuals in the gaming market.

When it comes to the aspect of brightness, it gives off an average of 293 nitts, which is five higher than the premium score in gaming. Though quite bright, it’s not the best in the market but very close to getting there.


What’s a good game without great soundtracks to back it up? In the past, speakers mounted on the bottom were a no-go zone for me as they often ended up being a disappointment. With this laptop, I gladly took the chance, and I have to say that I was impressed. They fit the description of kick-ass speakers.

The audio systems are very audible, and the sound fills a room within seconds. Whether you are listening to ballads or party rock songs, these speakers will have you beaming.

Keyboard and touchpad

MSI GS65 Stealth Review

In most cases, when a manufacturer comes up with a sleek laptop, the keyboard buttons are often shallow which becomes problematic when typing. With the MSI GS65 Stealth Review, the keyboard keys are very springy, thanks to the 77-gram force actuation.

The travel distance is 1.4 mm, which are just a few points short of the ideal length. However, on using the laptop, I realized that it was quite easy to hit my usual seventy words a minute without strain.

Battery life

When operated at 150 brightness nitts while connected to Wi-Fi, this machine lasted five hours and forty minutes. The premium gaming average stands at three hours and forty-nine seconds, which makes the MSI GS65 Stealth’s performance outstanding.


The webcam is at the top of the bezel which means that you need not worry about giving people a clear shot of your nostrils when making video calls.

Parting shot

Over the years, many gamers have taken a preference to laptops that look like business notebooks yet have performance levels similar to those of gaming laptops. With the coming of the MSI GS65 Stealth, I can confidently state that the gap is now gone.

How to safely use your laptop

How to Safely Use My Laptop – Things You Must Know To Safely Operate Your Machine

Being cautious when operating your computer not only increases its service life but also protects you from coming to harm. Many people are unaware that mishandling their machines can result in irreparable damage that would force them to sink their hands deeper into their pockets to get new laptops.

Below, I have listed some safety tips which you can put to use the next time you are operating your laptop. Make a point to integrate them into your weekly maintenance practices, and you will enjoy just how much more productive and safer you will be as you tap away on your machine in the years to come.


Laptops require much more maintenance as compared to the conventional desktop computers. Unlike in the case of the latter where you can leave them running for hours without fear of failure, laptops require getting shut down when they are not in use.

The essence of this practice is to ensure that your machine gets the rest that it deserves after hours of operation. Failure to give it adequate time to reset itself and cool down results in overheating.

Overheating poses a significant risk, both to you and your machine. The heat can damage the internal components of your device. Laptops too, know the essence of a rest period and will attempt to shut themselves down to prevent this from taking place.

It is quite reasonable for your laptop to feel warm to the touch during operation. However, should you smell smoke or smell a burning odor, shut it down immediately. Take note of how the fans work. If they run all the time or never run at all, it is an indication that your laptop is very likely to overheat.

Over time, if you continue using your laptop without giving it adequate rest periods, the processor slows down, and your productivity falls. Other components that suffer adverse effects include the battery and motherboard which can get rendered ineffective when exposed to a lot of heat for prolonged periods.

In addition to shutting down your machine, you can invest in a cooling pad to help reduce the amount of heat emitted by the laptop. However, the use of the pad should not keep you from shutting it down when need be.

Power settings

Did you know that your power settings affect how fast your laptop heats up? When you are not using the computer, it helps to adjust the settings to those that will favor your processor such that your machine does not get overheated.

You can do this by clicking on your battery and choosing the ‘more power’ option if you are using a Windows laptop. By using advanced power settings and setting your processor states to about 70% to 90%, your computer will be safe.

Lowering the amount of light emitted also reduces the rate at which your laptop heats up.

Before Packing

Many are the times that people have put their machines into bags before ensuring that they are off and the consequences have been dire. The thing with a laptop is that it emits heat when on as there are many ongoing processes.

If you do leave your laptop running in the bag, the heat emitted can build up to levels which can lead to melting of the exterior parts of your machine. Notebooks have melted when carefully tucked into their owners’ bags.

The environment created in a closed bag is enough to bring about consequences far much worse than melting. As such, before you pack your machine, be sure to check that it is off. Don’t find out the hard way how bad it can get.

Maintain the ventsLaptop Vents

For some people, a weekly routine involves scanning their machines for viruses. Nevertheless, there is a lot more to it than just getting rid of infections if you wish to hold on to your computer for years.

When is the last time you checked your air vents? Inspecting your air vents helps you find debris that has built up over time. This debris can block the air vents, thus making it hard for your laptop to cool down when in use.

You can use forced air dusters to get rid of any build-up in and around the vents to prevent overheating over time. While you are at it, it is imperative that you note that nothing should ever get pushed into the vents.

Fan checks

Without efficient fans on your side, overheating will be a daily problem which can lead to the destruction of internal components. Fans that run throughout sessions, as well as those that never run, are indications that something is amiss with your cooling system.

There are some ways which you can use to check how active your fans are. Your warranty information can provide you with such details. You can also look up your manufacturer’s online support and get the software needed to test your fan.

If your fan fails the test, make a point to get it replaced as a defective fan is a danger to the working of your machine.

BIOS Updates

BIOS UPDATEDepending on the make of your machine, it could be that your fans get their control from the BIOS. In such a case, it’s a good idea to go online and find information about BIOS updates to ensure that your fans are in order.

If you feel that you are not up to the task and would rather have an expert handle the job, you can get a knowledgeable person to do it. Do not compromise on how efficient the work is as poor jobs will haunt you shortly.

Say NO to lap burns!

Lap burns occur when the laptop heats up to uncomfortable levels on your lap during operation. According to medical advice, getting these kinds of injuries is not advisable, especially in the case of men.

There are options available to you such as the use of a ‘cooler’ or a laptop desk. They enable you to work as fast as you would with the machine on your lap and come with the benefit of comfort.

Choose a laptop desk that has provisions for large air vents as this will enable the cooling process to be fast. There are desks on the market which come with additional fans. They use power from the laptop to stay cool, and they keep you safe from experiencing burns.

Soft spots

You may opt to use a buffer such as a pillow between you and the machine when the temperatures get high. However, this does not solve the problem but rather, aggravates it. Laptops should be operated on hard surfaces to ensure that they can transfer the extra heat to other surfaces through conduction.

Soft materials also tend to block air vents, and in so doing, they take away the laptop’s ability to cool itself. When using such a buffer, you will notice that the temperatures get high at rapid rates when compared to using hard surfaces.

There are situations in which you may be unable to avoid using a soft buffer. In such a case, make use of a heat sink base as this will help cool the laptop. However, the best option where possible is to use a hard surface.


When your laptop is not in use, be sure to unplug all accessories connected to it. Not only do laptop accessories drain your machine’s power but they also contribute significantly to overheating.

How about you? What other ways can you stay safe?


You should sit in a position that allows you to keep your wrists in line with your forearms in a neutral manner. Make sure that your shoulders are relaxed and that your back has adequate support.

The critical issue with posture is that you should be comfortable. Straining any part of your body when working on your laptop exposes you to injury. Make sure that the computer gets aligned with your body such that you need not twist to use it.

Changing your position every fifteen minutes is helpful in reducing fatigue. If you feel uncomfortable in a given posture, even slightly, take up another form.


With the coming of technology, the number of eye problems has heightened. Some of these problems are as a result of continuous laptop operation. Your eyeball can get dry after constant staring at the screen so be sure to give your eyes a break. Every ten or so minutes, take time to focus on something other than the monitor.

You can focus on the floor, shut your eyes or plainly zone out for one or two minutes. Also, remember to blink a lot when using the screen to prevent the occurrence of dry eyes. Such actions provide the eyes with much-needed rest and reduce your chances of having to see an ophthalmologist shortly.

The rest of your body also needs a break at least once an hour. Get up and walk around, stretch and grab a glass of water. You will feel much more refreshed on resuming your position. If you have trouble scheduling rests between operations, download software that reminds you of rest periods.


If the screen angle and height are making you strain your neck, adjust their positions. These adjustments also minimize the glare from the screen.


The more familiar you are with programs, the less time you will spend on your laptop. As such, take time to fully explore the computer programs with the help of a training session to ensure that you can get your work done in short amounts of time.

Do not use your lap for support

Lap burns are dangerous and should get avoided as much as possible. Make use of a laptop cooler pad which will keep you safe from the high temperatures emitted by the machine.


Before you begin working on your laptop, ensure that it is stable and cannot wobble upon use. Using a machine that keeps shifting in position will strain your hands, and it will make it harder for you to fulfill your task on time.

Prolonged usage periods

If you work on your machine for long, getting an external mouse and keyboard will work in your favor. They enable you to keep a safe distance from the device to reduce strain and glare.

Think before use

Before getting on your machine, think about whether the task you are about to carry out is necessary. This questioning will help protect you from becoming addicted to the laptop and will further prevent you from developing health problems as a result of continued laptop usage.


When sharing a machine, take turns to face the computer as opposed to placing it in a position where all have to stretch to view the monitor. This method will protect all users from experiencing strain and fatigue.

If you feel aches and pains when using your machine, consult your doctor on the way forward.


One misconception that I have come across with many laptop users is that they believe that their machines are doomed to fail at any given moment. This myth has managed to make its way into people’s hearts, and they now look to it as a fact. The truth of the matter is that if you do take the necessary precautions when using your machine, you will enjoy a long service life that will give you value for the money invested and will protect you from coming to harm. Have a safe day, will you?


Asus Zenbook UX310UA Review – Our Take on a Fantastic Piece of Engineering

When you first come across this laptop, you may not think much of it. However, let this not deter you from discovering the numerous benefits it has in store for you. Not only does it come in an attractive package but it also has performance levels higher than most of the machines out there. The great thing about it is that the manufacturers went a step further and added more features to this model besides performance and looks, thus creating an all-rounded machine.

It comes in a sleek design, allowing you to comfortably fit it into your bag and the fact that it weighs a meager three pounds helps a lot regarding portability.

What we love about it

  1. An all aluminium body not only serves aesthetic needs but it also adds to the durability of the machine. This way, not only do you get to have a gadget that is pleasing to the eyes but you also avoid costs on repairs in the future.
  2. The laptop comes with backlit keys; a feature that we love.
  3. With a high-quality screen, you can enjoy everything from browsing the web, editing documents all the way to watching videos on your laptop.
  4. When it comes to efficiency, this ultra-book will blow your mind away. It wakes up within seconds and has excellent processing speeds, making it very easy to use.

To what can you look forward?


Over the years, manufacturers have put a lot of thought into the design of their creations in a bid to beat their competitors in the tech world. This competition has been an advantage to consumers who now have a wide range of designs from which to choose. With the Asus Zenbook UX310UA, you are looking at a machine with compelling looks.

The manufacturers, having used aluminum all through the exterior, were able to come up with a machine that gives off a glare that is quite attractive. The Asus logo is prominently visible on the surface, with impressive concentric circles emanating from it.

Another exceptional thing about this laptop is that it helps you save money. When you compare it to other machines on the market with comparable features, you get to see what a good deal you are getting. Take the MacBook Air for example. It is quite similar to the Asus Zenbook UX310UA. The differences come about when it comes to thickness with the latter measuring 1.84cm as compared to the 1.7cm of the former. However, when it comes to the amount you need to cough up to get hold of the machines, the Asus Zenbook UX310UA is the better choice.

There are compromises that the manufacturer made to achieve a lower price than that of the competitors. One of those compromises was increasing the thickness. However, in doing so, the manufacturer did not reduce the quality of the build but instead, they improved it. To us, that is a fair compromise.

The packaging in which the laptop comes is so elegant that we believe it is worthy of an unboxing video. The words “In Search Of Incredible” are written on the inner lid, giving a warm touch to the laptop.


You will find that there are many ports availed to you on the machine. To the left side of the laptop, you have a charging plug, a headphone jack that comes with an integrated microphone socket, a USB type C, a USB 3.0 and an HDMI port. To the right, you have two USB 2.0 ports, indicator lights for the hard drive and battery as well as an SD card reader. It’s great that it comes with a USB Type C port, given that the tech world is now heading towards that direction.

The USB 3.0 port allows the use of a USB Charger+ which is an Asus creation which enables the charging of external gadgets even when the laptop is hibernating or off. When using this facility, there is software that helps in the management of the battery, so you do not need to worry that you will run out of charge fast.

Interface and screen

No matter what you are using a laptop for, there is always a need for a fantastic screen, and with the Asus Zenbook UX310UA, you will not get disappointed. The screen is available in two versions: the QHD 3200*1800 and the full HD 1920*1080. You can view from as many as 178 angles while benefiting from the anti-glare feature.ASUS ZENBOOK UX310UA REVIEW

You will love the minimal edge burn when the screen is entirely black. The colors displayed on the screen are well-defined, which means that also photographers can use this laptop for editing pictures.

The keyboard buttons and trackpad are quite easy to use, and typing is a breeze with this laptop.

Speed and battery life

This laptop has incredible processing speeds, making it ideal for use in the office. Its battery can last up to four hours and thirteen minutes.

The sound emitted from the speakers is loud and audible, making it an excellent choice for people in the media industry.


It runs on an Intel Core i5-7200U CPU @2.5 GHz and comes with a storage space of 256 GB SSD. The 8GB RAM is expandable to 20GB and the screen measures 13.3 inches.

Everybody is in search of a great deal when it comes to laptops especially when it is for work purposes. With the Asus Zenbook UX310UA, you have yourself a fantastic deal. Office workers and students will love this laptop for its sturdiness and pocket-friendliness.

Our take

If you are in the market for a high quality ultra-book which won’t break your bank, go for the Asus Zenbook UX310UA. It comes equipped with high end features such as a metal-coated exterior, a backlit keyboard and a USB Type C port.

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (6TH GEN) Review

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (6TH GEN) Review

When it comes to the provision of outstanding business laptops, Lenovo has the customers’ needs at heart. While most companies direct their efforts to the creation of light chasses and the elimination of big bezels, Lenovo move towards thoughtful improvements that go a long way in enhancing the performance of their ThinkPad.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (6th Gen) comes equipped with some upgrades such as a webcam shutter, new mics, and an HDR screen. They also upgraded their core processor from an Intel 7th Generation dual-core to an 8th Generation quad-core. Some things got retained such as the fantastic keyboard as well as the colorful display of its predecessor.

Once you combine these changes with the already existing outstanding features of the previous ThinkPad, you end up with the best productivity machine that money can get you.


It operates on a Windows 10 Pro operating system, works with a Core i5-8250U CPU and comes with a 16 GB RAM upgradeable to 32 GB. Its hard drive size is 512 GB, and its highest available resolution is at 2560*1440.

Aesthetics and convenience

This fourteen-inch laptop has its chassis made of carbon fiber. As such, it weighs a meager 2.49 pounds, making it possible for you to carry it to various work destinations with little hassle. The X1 carbon has somehow managed to weigh much less than most of the ultra-books in the market at the moment.

You will also love just how good the laptop exterior feels to the touch. Most manufacturers focus on using the soft material on parts such as the palm-rests, leaving the other areas bare. With the X1 Carbon, you are looking at fiber all around the machine, giving you a soft feel all through. The carbon fiber is also durable, a feature that appeals to business people around the world.Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (6TH GEN) Review

There is an inclination in the market where manufacturers try to outdo each other regarding new colors and textures. While these are features which appeal to the masses, Lenovo works to consistently provide high quality builds and designs, doing away with the need to keep up with the latest trends. In pursuing consistency over fashion, they manage to deliver durable, sleek designs to the market, thereby maintaining their top position in the tech world.


People are not just looking for excellent performance; they also want an assurance of long service from the machines in their possession. Many tests got conducted on the X1 Carbon before its release into the market as a way to ensure that users would achieve satisfaction from its capabilities.

Through the use of 12 MIL-spec-tests carried out on the gadget, the manufacturers can now attest to the fact that it can withstand variable temperatures, shocks, and vibrations. Add this durability to its portability, and you have created a gem for people who often work in varying environments.


With the X1 Carbon, you will be in a position to achieve a presentation of 2560*1440 HDR IPS. This panel also boasts of the ability to reach five hundred brightness nits, and projections show that sometime in the year, it will work with Dolby Vision. It falls under the category of Display HDR 400.

When it is regarding black level performance and color gamut, this panel is not that different from the non-HDR displays. However, you should note that the HDR performance from this panel is entirely different from what you would achieve on a television. This difference stems from the different panels used on the various gadgets.

4K Panel

You will not find a 4K panel option on this ThinkPad. For those people who work in the creative industry, this can be a hiccup. As such, Lenovo provides a touchscreen option for users who may need such a feature.

Aspect ratio

With a 16:9 aspect ratio display, you will get to see the difference in width when compared to a gadget with 3:2. This full display works excellent for media-focused devices. The difference that you will experience is that with a 16:9, you will spend more time scrolling through documents and web pages as compared to a 3:2.


Connection to peripheral devices has gotten easier over the years, and the X1 Carbon provides you with a range of ports. With two 3.1 USB ports, a headphone jack, an HDMI port in full size, a microSD card slot and two Thunderbolt ports which allow charging and transfer of data, you are spoilt for choice.

In addition to these ports, it also comes with a side dock which allows you to make connections to other accessories, USB docks, and external displays. Over the years, manufacturers have been quick to switch USB ports to Type C, and it is a good thing that Lenovo also provides regular ports for those who are still yet to make a move, owing to work or personal needs.


Most people have embraced the world of virtual assistants, and it goes without saying that mics have become much more relevant over time. With two far-field mics in the X1 Carbon, you can comfortably converse with your virtual assistant within a range of four meters, therefore allowing you to work on your laptop while carrying out other activities.


One of the items that often stand out in ThinkPads is just how fantastic their keyboards are. With a 1.8-millimeter travel distance and a standard layout in place, no surprises lay in wait for you as you go about your typing activities. You also get to have a TrackPoint ball which rests at the meeting point of keys G, H and B. The TrackPoint is set in a way that prevents you from confusing it for a key or accidentally pressing it while working on the keyboard.


Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (6TH GEN) Review

The webcam comes with a shutter which enables you to control when the camera can see you and when it cannot. It is pretty hard to open and shut which is a good thing as it prevents accidental opening and closing.


With the recent upgrade to an 8th generation quad-core processor, performance levels are even higher than those of its predecessor, which were also very impressive. Its battery can last up to fifteen hours on a single charge and up to 12 hours when actively connected to Wi-Fi.

Pros at a glance

  • Portable yet long-lasting chassis
  • Variety of ports
  • Fantastic keyboard with a TrackPoint ball
  • Webcam shutter for added privacy
  • Great performance levels

If you are looking for a perfect combination of portability, excellent performance and high levels of productivity, the X1 Carbon will work wonders for you.

Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 Review – Is it The Right One for Me?


There are numerous reasons why the Dell XPS remains to be one of the top consumer laptops in the market. These reasons include but are not limited to its sleek design, beautiful display, and lightweight nature.

Over time, Dell manufacturers have come up with lots of ways to make their products even better, and it comes as no surprise that the Dell XPS 13, which is one of their latest products, is a gem. Some of the outstanding improvements in this laptop include a white and gold color scheme, slimmer dimensions, and an enhanced cooling system for continued performance, a 4K display and an improved webcam.

Some compromises got made in a bid to achieve smaller dimensions such as the use of a smaller battery and the doing away with USB Type A ports.



This laptop comes equipped with tons of notable features which include an Intel Core i7-855OU CPU, a Windows 10 operating system, an 8GB RAM which is upgradable to 16GB and a 256GB SSD hard drive.

Other key features include its 13.3 inches display screen, a native resolution of 1920*1080, a high resolution of 3840*2160 and an Intel UHD Graphics 620 graphics card.


Dell XPS 13 Design

You have a variety of color schemes to choose from when it comes to the XPS 13. Whether you are into the more conventional silver and black hues or you are looking to try something new by getting the gold and white color scheme, you are bound to get a design that best works for you.

Irrespective of which color scheme you choose, you will benefit from features such as a slimmer and a lighter body as compared to its predecessor. This laptop weighs a meager 2.65 pounds, making it very easy to carry around as you go about your activities. It has a thickness of 0.46 inches at its broadest point.


For Dell to achieve a thickness of 0.46 inches, they had to forego the full-size SD card reader and USB Type A ports, which are features that were standard in the previous laptops. In this laptop, you will find 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports to the left side. You can use these ports for charging purposes or for making connections to other peripherals.

You also get to have a battery gauge which uses five white lights to let you know how much charge you have left. To the right side, you have an audio jack measuring 3.5 millimeters, a USB Type C port as well as a microSD card slot. The USB Type C port can output DispayPort videos too.


This laptop has a 13.3-inch screen and comes with minute borders, allowing images to pop more. The bezels get made in a way that they are twenty percent thinner than those of the previous generations, thus reducing the frame size to the top and the sides.

Dell XPS 13 Screen

With the Dell XPS 13, you can look forward to fantastic color quality, excellent brightness, and image sharpness. You get two options when it comes to resolution; 3840 by 2160 and 1920 by 1080.


The XPS 13 comes with speakers mounted to its sides. They produce loud sounds, and you can control their intensity by using the built-in MaxxAudio software.


The keyboard letters have a one-point-two millimeters travel. However, this does not interfere with writing speed as they provide adequate actuation force (72 grams) to help you write fast.


The touchpad measures a good 4.1*2.4 inches which provide just the required space for easy navigation. It comes devoid of buttons, therefore doing away with instances of jumping and sticking. The response of the touchpad is very accurate, allowing you to use gestures such as a three finger swipe.


The XPS 13 offers optimal performance, and you can use the machine for activities such as web surfing, gaming, and editing. The installation of a new cooling system enables the computer’s processor to undertake tons of work without heating up. The new cooling system comprises of dual fans, thermal insulation, and double heat pipes, which go a long way in prevention of throttling.

The XPS 13 can work with eGPUs, making it a tremendous choice for people wishing to play very demanding games.


The laptop comes with an Intel UHD 620 GPU which enables you to carry out activities such as gaming and video editing. Its average frame rate stands at 66.9 fps when playing fast-paced games.

Battery life

The battery life of the XPS 13 underwent testing by using the computer to surf the web non-stop. It managed to last for twelve hours and thirty-seven minutes, which is very impressive. The laptop did not heat up to uncomfortable levels during usage, proving that its performance gets unmatched by other models in the market.


Initially, the webcam was at the bottom left corner of the screen. It has since been moved to the bottom center, allowing you more flexibility in taking of selfies as well as making video calls. The image quality produced is impeccable, and you can pick out features such as creases on clothes.

What stands out in the Dell XPS 13?

  • Great design – This laptop has a sleek design which is both attractive and portable.
  • Well-built screen -Thanks to doing away with a massive frame for the bezels, you get to have a significant display screen which is excellent for watching movies, working on projects as well as other activities that call for a big screen.
  • Designed to last – You can count on this laptop for continued performance as its features are of high quality, such that you will not be rushing to get another machine soon.
  • Battery life – Having a failing battery is frustrating, and with this laptop, this is a problem that you will not come across.
  • No overheating – The laptop runs cool, whether you are editing a paper or playing a fast-paced game. With this laptop, you are looking at continued performance, a reliable battery life, a fantastic screen and a sleek design built to last ages.